About Me

Vision + Skill + Passion = Shop Molly Ellen

A love for kids and opportunity to serve hundreds of students over seven years as a second grade school teacher evoked countless new ideas to help motivate, encourage, and create an atmosphere conducive to better learning and engagement. Creativity is my specialty [and what I used to enhance my classroom and teaching style]. And, while I saw creativity in the classroom and incorporated into my teaching style, I knew there had to be a way to transfer the same unique skillsets, styles, and designs outside the classroom. So, one hot Arkansas summer day I began thinking ‘outside the classroom’. Thoughts and ideas racing through my head, I thought back to the final days of class and the countless stories of my students’ summer plans, like family vacations, sleep overs, and staying up too late, but most were stories of heading off to summer camp! And that’s where the Shop Molly Ellen story evolved.

Wait! I can turn a boring camp trunk into a fun, personalized, elaborate, piece that will express the interests and hobbies of these little campers… So, I started May 2017.

One trunk after another led to new ideas and expanded opportunities. 

Shop Molly Ellen is growing and eager to create your next cute, bright, unique, personalized gifts to reflect the amazingly, fabulous, one-of-a-kind person you are!